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Our Partners

Share the vision of The Sanctuary Church. Love God, Love People and Serving the Community

On My Own

Our Mission

The mission of On My Own is to provide training to adults with disabilities to support the attainment of independent living skills, overall employability, job sustainability, and community engagement with the overarching goal of successful employment and independent living.

703-869-6120 , 786-201-1890

Campus Resident.

Julian’s Fountain of Youth (JFOY) creates opportunities for our LGBT Youth to partake in activates that include experiential learning and life-enrichment strategies at no cost to them or their families. This collection of initiatives will result in the production of future community leaders and the overall betterment of our LGBT youth both locally and nationally.

Julian Cavazos

(754) 701-5040

Campus Resident.

BOLD Justice is a congregation-based community organization whose purpose is to powerfully address community problems in Broward County through a self-sustaining, interfaith, interracial organization rooted in religious congregations.

Andy Lee


Not-Campus Resident.

SunServe: Our mission is to provide critical life assistance and professional mental health services with an emphasis on economically disadvantaged, marginalized youth, adults and seniors in the greater South Florida metropolitan area.

Darlene Hollander


Not-Campus Resident.

In partnership with our community, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, will provide our students with a solid foundation of academic excellence in a respectful, safe and caring environment that welcomes diversity and fosters a love of learning in all children.

Yanick L. Prince



Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Not-Campus Resident.

Life Line Screening: is a privately run prevention and wellness company founded in 1993, with corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas and operational offices in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. The company operates community-based health screening services for adults aged 50 and up across the United States.

Karen Zarefoss – 800.897.9177 x 28825

Not-Campus Resident.

Florida Singing Sons: perform a wide variety of choral literature, from classical masterworks to Broadway favorites. Concerts include secular and sacred choral classics as well as selections from opera, operetta, folk music, and musical theater. Performances and community events provide local, national, and international audiences a very high level of music artistry.

Kathy McFall – 954.563.2697

Not-Campus Resident.

Showering Love: “We are committed to creating a world that is supportive, compassionate and loving. We envision a world where we all support and encourage each other, where there is no separation, because we all come from love.” –

Jeanne Albaugh


Not-Campus Resident.

God's Little Lambs Childcare Center

Broward County families who need subsidized daycare wait an average of two and one-half to three years for assistance. That means there can be as many as 10,000 children in need of safe, quality, affordable daycare so their parents can work!


Gods's Little Lambs provides quality childcare in a warm, loving and nuturing learning environment. Founded in 1999 to provide daycare to homeless and very low-income families who are not receiving subsidies from the state, God's Little Lambs is a caring home away from home for more than 100 children each year. Programs include one year olds to pre-kindergarten age, plus afterschool care for school age children. Over 90% of enrolled children pay a reduced tuition which is made possible through donations from individuals, churches, and organizations who love all of God's children.


The atmosphere at God's Little Lambs is one of compassion and love. Though a comprehensive program of learning, play, worship, Bible lessons, and nutritional meals, God's Little Lambs strives to instill in our children a love of God, a sense of security, and a readiness for kindergarten that will start them on a path to break the cycle of poverty. Parents are nutured as well by offering parenting classes and weekly Bible studies for mothers.

Carol Stevens –

Not-Campus Resident.

Hart-T-Tree Farms grows premium, wholesale Fraser fir Christmas trees in the mountains of North Carolina. We also operate several retail Christmas tree lots in southeast Florida.

Hart-T-Tree Farms is owned and operated by John and Kathy Chefas. Founded in 1976, Hart-T-Tree Farms originated in Hart, Michigan. In the mid-1980s, John and Kathy moved the main farming operation to Grassy Creek, North Carolina to grow Fraser fir Christmas trees. Grassy Creek, North Carolina is located in Ashe County, in the northwest corner of the state on the Virginia border. Hart-T-Tree Farms retails its Christmas trees in the counties of Broward, Palm Beach, and Brevard, Florida. With almost 50 years of retail experience, John Chefas is an expert in the business. His attention to detail, knowledge of Christmas trees, and strong work ethic are unsurpassed.

Kathy Chefas


Not-Campus Resident.

Since 1985, HANDY has transformed the lives of over 50,000 children and family members in Broward County. Each year, HANDY serves over 1,200 individuals per year. This includes youth ages nine-25, family members and caregivers in Broward County. Our award winning LIFE Program focuses on education, youth development and economic self-sufficiency. All youth receive assessments, academic planning and evaluations, case management, counseling and academic support. Program activities include tutoring, mentoring, social and recreational activities, emergency needs assistance for food, clothing, housing, education workshops, life skills training, post-secondary educational support, connection to internships, assistance with job placement, service learning projects and self-advocacy.

Kathy Thomsen


Not-Campus Resident.

At Sofar, we like to ask: who's ever been to a bad gig? For some, the crowd was too loud or maybe the beer was warm. For others, the sound system wasn't doing the artist justice. Or maybe someone was in the line of view, snapping selfies all night. Whatever the experience, it just wasn't what you hoped or expected. The magic of a live event experience has been lost.

Sofar Sounds was founded to bring back that magic.

Jennifer Rink