Recovery Groups

Your journey to recovery can begin on the campus of The Sanctuary.... A welcoming and safe place!

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Free To Be Ministry Bldg, Room 105 Sunday thru Saturday 3:30pm

Downtown Dry Dock Ministry Bldg, Room 105 Monday thru Friday 5:30pm

Men's Independence Group Ministry Bldg, Room 105 Sundays 8:15a - 10:15a

Don't Forget Group Ministry Bldg, Reception Room Wednesdays 6:45p - 8:15p

Search For Serenity Ministry Bldg, Room 105 Thursdays, 6:45p - 8:15p

The Rule 62 Group Ministry Bldg, Room 105 Saturdays, 5:45p - 7:15p

Fridays Ministry Building, Room 105 9:45a - 11:00a

Other Recovery Groups

Sundays Ministry Building, Room 105 12:45p - 2:15p

Wednesdays - Men Ministry Building, Room 105 8:00a - 9:30a

Thursdays Ministry Building, Room 105 7:00p - 8:00p

Fridays - Women Ministry Building, Room 102 7:00p - 8:00p

A.W.O.L. Recovery Group

Mondays Ministry Building, Room 102 7:00p - 8:15p

Narcotics Anonymous Recovery

Sunland Parks Group Ministry Building, Room 105 7:15p - 8:45p

Recovery Unplugged

Wednesdays Fellowship Hall 6:45p - 8:45p